Monday, April 15, 2013

Kamal Haasan set to release 2nd installment of his controversial film

Many people may not be aware of the latest news of Bollywood that Kamal Haasan, the Producer, director and actor has finisher 40% part of his second controversial Film Viswaroopam 2. It is said that he has completed some part of the second part while he was shooting the first part of the film in foreign locations. So this is said to reduce the cost of production.

Box office collection of first part is said to gross about Rs.200 crores, so this has made the financer and Producer Aacar Ravi to release the second part in more the 3,000 screens and give a try in it.

This time Kamal Haasan make sure that the film does not enter in to any controversy and fall in the trouble of ban keeping in mind to enable better release and smart collections at the box office.

Andrea Hermiah will have a lengthened and increased character in second part compared to his previous character which was very hot and impactful.

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